World Cup Skiing

Sincere apologies for not updating Love and Longunderwear. I truly wish you all a Happy New Year! And hope that you all survived the holidays.
What may not come as a surprise, I’ve been a bit distracted from writing because it is winter time and I’m skiing. This year I’m most thankful because I’m now embarking on my telemark race career! As I compose this much too quick post, it’s coming to you from Bad Hindelang Germany. Much to my amazement, I’m able to compete in the World Cup telemark race series in Europe. So, for 2.5 weeks this January, I’ll be traveling with three other Americans (luckily one of them includes Cole) and we’ll be racing in Germany, Slovenia and Austria.

Over the Christmas holidays, Cole and I drove south to Steamboat Springs, CO for a training camp and a race on New Year’s Eve. Many of the members of the United States Telemark Team are based in Steamboat and it was great to join the rest of the team for some much needed training and coaching. Cole and I left on New Year’s Day, drove two days home to Montana and then left four days later to Europe! It’s been quite the whirlwind and I’m trying to battle nerves and excitement for this latest adventure.

While I’d love to gush about all things Euro, including beer for breakfast in Munich and my first time skiing in Europe, I have to tune my skis and cook dinner. Tomorrow is our first race!

All the very best and here’s to a year of incredible adventures, including having your childhood dream come true. Wow.


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