Going to Michigan with an achin’ in my heart…

I leave tomorrow for my annual fall journey back to the motherland, northern Michigan. Last November, I took Cole along with me and announced it as the Big Step. Well, in the year since, we’ve certainly made another big step by getting engaged. So we return to Michigan as the engaged couple. I am most happy.

This trip home also signals a very happy Doherty/McGuiness family reunion. My younger brother, JD, who lives in Truckee, California is also coming home tomorrow too. He’s bringing his girlfriend — we haven’t met her yet — but he claims this is “no big deal”. Sure, JD, sure.

I can’t even count how many years it has been when my entire family — mother, brother, grandmother, father and stepfamily will all be in the same town, at the same time. Included in the reunion is my dad’s return to Michigan. He’s spent the past two years in the desert and has decided to return home to Michigan. Luckily (in a weird way) his house didn’t sell on Cobb Road, so when I see him this coming week, it will be just like old times. I’m so excited.

We’ve got a trip planned to the Island — and I’m hoping the gales of November will treat us kindly on Lake Huron. The cabin’s has already been winterized, but we can deal without running water for a few days. I can almost smell the cedar…

Other Michigan travel highlights will surely include a good day of shopping and feasting in downtown Petoskey, wandering around the slopes of Nubs Nob, shooting tequila and drinking fresh margaritas at Red Mesa Grill (both JD and me worked there for years), two-tracking to the way-less-traveled bars with my father, and taking in the expanse of the Great Lakes. I know I’ll have trouble sleeping tonight.

So, farewell Big Sky country. I’m off to feel the shift and flux of waves. I hope your mountains will be buried in snow upon my return. How lucky of a beast I am — to come from the water and burrow in the mountains.


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