Summer Break?

You know the chorus from the famous Rolling Stones song, “You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometime you find. You get what you need”?

My mother used to tell me and my brother that life wasn’t fair, typically when we begged for a candy bar at the grocery store or some other treat to satiate our childish needs. However I think the Stones put the same phrase a bit more eloquently and it certainly a lot more entertaining than that shop-worn line. Plus anything from rock stars sounds much more persuasive than anything from one’s parents. But Mom…

For many years I surely wasn’t getting exactly what I wanted but I always had what  I needed: shelter, food, water, the mountains, love, family and friendship.

Suddenly, in the last two years and as I’m typing this long overdue missive on a late July day before the 5th night of Festival Amadeus activities, I have found that not only do I have what I need, I’ve got what I want.


In less than two months I’ll be committing myself to Cole aboard the DeSmet on Lake McDonald among our family and closest friends. In less than a week I’ll pack up my car and head west to Tacoma to begin my MFA program at Pacific Lutheran University. Before the year is over, Cole will be opening his new brewery in downtown Kalispell and I’ll help the Glacier Symphony and Chorale stage its 30th season of classical music concerts. And in addition to wedding, new business, graduate school, the two of us were named to the US National Telemark team and after last season, I can’t wait to compete.

Meanwhile, my body is healing, our dogs are happy and lazy in the summer sun, and while I’m not writing on the Internet as much as I should, the stories I’m working on for school are taking on a life of their own.


I’m counting my good fortune on both hands. It’s simply magical. I’m offering my gratitude up to the highest peaks (so far 6 peaks in Glacier this summer — squeezing in summits between outdoor concerts and work shopping stories!) — thank you, thank you. I am taking this gift  — with all of the love from Cole to the energy from my writing to the musical notes that permeate my workday at the symphony — I’m riding with all this goodness as far as this horse with take me — well past the mountains.

While it may appear that L + L is on summer break and still stuck on spring break, rest assured that I’m thinking off all my L + L adventures and drafting more to come.



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